What Does XFL Stand For? 

The XFL is a minor league for professional American football with eight clubs spread out across the country in major to mid-sized markets that are serviced by at least one other major professional sports franchise. The regular season for each team lasts ten games, and four teams advance to the postseason to determine the season champion. Seasons last from February to April. Its main office is in Arlington, Texas. Now let’s get straight into “what does xfl stand for?

What Does XFL Stands For ?

Sincerely, this has never been explained. Based on the league’s affiliation with the WWE, when McMahon announced the founding of the first XFL in 1999, it was assumed that XFL stood for “Xtreme Football League” (then known as the World Wrestling Federation). Nevertheless, McMahon asserted that this was inaccurate. Additionally, the “X” had no meaningful importance, unlike the F and L, which had a defined meaning (football league). In an interview at the time, McMahon did make the jest that the NFL would be the “No-Fun-League” if it weren’t for the XFL, which stands for the “Xtra-Fun-League.”


The XFL and the NFL have a collaboration agreement that calls for them to “experiment with proposed rules, test new equipment, develop prospective officials and coaches, and explore new ways to address player safety,” but the XFL expressly wants to avoid any minor league developmental partnership with the NFL or any other league in order to retain control over its hiring practises. The league has a player personnel agreement with the Indoor Football League, which serves as its de facto minor league. In order to develop potential players, they also collaborate with the NFL Alumni Academy, and each player who completes the programme has the option to sign with the XFL.

Additionally, the XFL and Under the Lights Flag Football, a global youth flag football league for kids in kindergarten through twelfth grade, have a partnership agreement. On December 27–30, 2022, in San Antonio, Texas, the two organisations will also jointly host the inaugural Youth Flag Football World Championship.


During the regular season, there are four games played each week, most of which are doubleheaders played in the afternoon or prime time on Saturdays and Sundays. In the last two weeks of the regular season, one game per week will be tentatively moved from Saturday to Thursday night. The playoffs don’t follow the same crossover strategy as the 2001 XFL, where the regular-season champions of each division play the runners-up of the opposing division, but rather follow a division championship model, where the top two teams in each division play each other.

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The XFL Is Managed By Whom?

Vince McMahon owns the league through his business, Alpha Entertainment, which he personally funded. The most successful professional wrestling organization in North America, WWE, is owned by McMahon. The original XFL featured tie-ins, gimmicks, and inter-promotional campaigns between the network, the league, and WWE. The games were broadcast on NBC, UPN, and The National Network, which is now known as Paramount Network. However, the 2020 XFL will not be affiliated with WWE in any way and will function as a separate football league. WWE’s rival Alpha Entertainment is separate.

Oliver Luck, Andrew Luck’s father, who is a football icon, was chosen by McMahon to serve as the commissioner of this XFL. Since ending his playing career in 1986, Luck has served as a head coach, athletic director, general manager, and administrator at both the pro and collegiate levels. Luck now oversees the majority, if not all, of McMahon’s football operations. He was in charge of the XFL draught in October and had a big hand in selecting the league’s head coaches and other team personnel.

McMahon was actively involved in every aspect of the previous XFL, including the broadcasts of the games themselves. With Luck on board as commissioner, McMahon will concentrate on the business aspect this time.

The XFL Has How Many Teams ?

This iteration of the XFL will have eight clubs split between two conferences, just like the original. The St. Louis BattleHawks, Tampa Bay Vipers, New York Guardians, and DC Defenders will lead the Eastern Conference. The Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, and Seattle Dragons are among the teams that play in the league’s Western Conference. The league has previously operated in New York (Hitmen) and Los Angeles (Xtreme, 2001 champs), as well as Florida twice (Orlando Rage), but this will be their first time operating in the football-crazy states of Texas, Seattle, and Washington, DC. Additionally, St. Louis will receive its first football franchise from the XFL since the NFL’s Rams relocated to Los Angeles in 2016. During the regular season, each team will have a 52-man active roster, but only 46 of those players will be permitted to suit up for games. On December 3, the league’s uniforms were made public.

How Are The League’s Games Scheduled ?

From February 8 through April 12, the XFL will play a 10-week regular season. With the exception of two Thursday night games in Weeks 9 and 10, the league will play doubleheaders on Saturdays and Sundays, with the majority of the games showing in the middle of the day and early in the evening. In addition to four games against the opposing conference (two at home and two away), each team will face its three conference opponents twice in a home-and-home format.

There will be a two-week playoff in the XFL following the regular season. On April 18 (Eastern) and 19, the top two teams from each conference will face off in the conference championship games (Western). On April 26, the conference champions will compete for the 2020 XFL Championship. Football will be played for a total of 12 straight weeks without any bye weeks.

How Do I Access XFL Games ?

The league will use ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, FOX, and ABC to broadcast its games on network, cable, streaming, and satellite television. This also implies that the games will be accessible via the ESPN+ and Fox Sports GO apps.


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