In the fantasy football game, participants take on the roles of owners and general managers for imaginary professional American football teams. The draught, which determines which players will be on each squad, is open to all relevant National Football League (NFL) players. Weekly games award fantasy points based on how well football players do in actual competition. The NFL is often involved in the game, although it can also involve other leagues, including the Canadian Football League or NCAA. There are three primary categories of fantasy football:

1.Traditional – Leagues where the competition can last the entire season, typically ending in playoffs.

2.Keeper or dynasty leagues – These leagues are initially designed in a manner similar to a typical season-long league; however, in a keeper league, each team is allowed to carry over a certain number of players from one year to the next, and in a dynasty league, each club carries over all players who haven’t retired. The draughts that follow will exclusively include rookies making their NFL debuts.

3.Daily – Daily fantasy sports are sped-up variations of the conventional fantasy format in which competitions are held over shorter time frames, like a week or a single day. Online daily fantasy football is often administered by businesses that manage large betting pools with thousands of participants.

DraftKings and FanDuel are the two biggest daily fantasy sports companies in the US. NFL Fantasy managers love the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce as a player. He is among the top three tight ends for the 2022 NFL season in terms of fantasy football. Fantasy draughts are either about to take place or have already been completed with the campaign almost here.

On October 5, 1989, Travis Michael Kelce was conceived. (NFL). He plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. He was chosen by the Chiefs in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft, and he later assisted the squad in its Super Bowl LIV victory over the San Francisco 49ers. He played football for the University of Cincinnati while he was a student there. Seven Pro Bowls and three first-team All-Pro selections have been made for him.

NFL Stats

• The tight end with the most 1,000-yard receiving seasons (6)

• The tight end with the most straight seasons with 1,000 receiving yards (6)

• The tight end with the most receiving yards in a season (1,416)

• Most tight end seasons with 100 receptions (2)

NFL career stats as of 2021
9,006 receiving yards
57 touchdowns in receiving


• Selected as the Week 15 Offensive Player of the Week
• After the 2020 regular season, be named to the Pro Bowl in 2021. After being named to the Pro Bowl following the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons, Kelce has now been nominated for the game six times in a row.
• Selected as Derrick Thomas’ Most Valuable Player for the Chiefs in 2020.
• Selected as a first-team AP All-Pro TE after the 2020 campaign, one of only two unanimous selections among the 50 voters.
• After the 2020 season, was selected for the PFWA All-NFL Team.
• After the 2019 season, was chosen to the PFWA’s All-AFC team and was a second-team AP All-Pro TE.
• After the 2018 season, was selected for the third time in a row to the PFWA All-NFL Team and the second time in his career to the AP’s All-Pro Team.


Travis Kelce was transacted with Kansas City (8/14/20) re-signed (1/29/16) Re-signed with Kansas City Originally selected by Kansas City in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft (63rd overall), he made his NFL debut. In order to understand Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s supremacy, not much else needs to be said. Before Tyreek Hill or Patrick Mahomes joined him on the field, he was a fantasy stud. He will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and his bust may already be there.
It’s hardly surprising that Kelce outperforms his tight end competitors given his six consecutive seasons of 1,000 yards, lifetime average of 95 receptions, and three-game absence rate.

For almost a decade, he has also been the one TE you can depend on for fantasy football. Although other TEs have had their moments, only Kelce has proven to be dependable year in and year out.
These Travis Kelce fantasy names are a tribute to the tight end football player of the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce, an All-Pro and Super Bowl champion, is regarded by many pundits as one of the best players to ever play the position. These Travis Kelce Fantasy names and ideas are in honour of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. Many experts consider All-Pro and Super Bowl winner Kelce to be among the best players who have ever played the post.

Some of the best Travis Kelce Fantasy Names are as follows:

1.I’ll Believe It When I Kelce It
2. Travis Strikes again
3 . Inkelcequential
4. TKO
5. The Fibonacci Kelcequence
6. Kelce Forever
7. Kelce’ Pitch
8. Travisibility
9. Reality check, Kelce
10. Keeping up with Kelce
11. Kelce with an ‘E’
12. Kelce you in the Finals
13. Game of Kells
14. Lord of the Fantasy league
15. Go Kells Go
16. Kelce,we did it
17. Killatrav
18. Killin’ it Kelce
19. Travis K Squad
20. Catching Kelce
21. Saved by The Kelce
23. See you in Kell
24. Yours Kell
25. Chief 87
26. Kelce’87
27. TK 87
28. Kel-See
29. Church Kells
30. What-a-Travisty!
31. The 87 squad
32. Travis Wins
33. King of Yards
34. Tight end Kings
35. 87 & Winning
36. Glory of 87
37. Kelce it along
38.  Kelce lessgo
39. Travesty
40.  Kelce Grammar
41. As Far as the Eye Kelce
42. Sail the Open Kelces
43. Oh Say Can You Kelce
44. Hasta La Traviata
45. Kelce What You Did There
46. Kells’ Milkshake
47. Kelc-3PO
48. All the Kells and Whistles
49. Kelce Me Softly
50. Travissy
51. Kelsee classy
52. Traviskel
53. TravisKelce
54. Kelce Lately
55. Kelce Kelsee
56. Travi$
57. Travisee Kelsee
58.  Travi$ 87
59. Travis Chief
60. Kansa City Chief FFL


Hope you liked these Travis Kelce Fantasy names…

Add more to this list and start making your Fantasy Teams with Travis Kelce in the Tight End with these cool Travis Kelce Fantasy Names.

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