The Seahawks of Seattle are a professional American football team who are very popular and have a strong fan base. The Seahawks joined the league’s National Football Conference in 2002 and are now a member team of the National Football League. The Seattle Seahawks club became an expansion team in the NFL in 1976.

Seattle belonged to the American Football Conference from 1997 until 2001. Pete Carroll is the current coach of the Seahawks. 

The football team was established on June 4, 1974. That  was 48 years ago. It played its first season in 1976. It’s headquarters are located in the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Renton, Washington.The fans of the Seattle Seahawks set the Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd noise at a sporting event twice within the span of a few months, first registering a decibel of 136.6 against the San Francisco 49ers in 2013. Later, when playing the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, they recorded 137.6 dB once more. They are the only NFL team based in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, the Seahawks draw fans from a wider geographic area, which includes some areas of the U.S. states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Utah as well as the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. 

The Seahawks have won  3 conference championships and 10 division titles. The only squad that has participated in both the NFC and AFC Championship Games is the Seattle Seahawks. They have also made it to three Super Bowls, losing 21-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL and losing 28-24 to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX after winning Super Bowl XLVIII by defeating the Denver Broncos 43-8.

A group of business and community leaders in Seattle who called themselves Seattle Professional Football Inc, declared in June 1972 that they intended to buy Seattle as an NFL team.

In 1974, the Seattle was offered an expansion franchise by the NFL. That same NFL Commissioner, announced the official signing of the franchise agreement by Lloyd W. Nordstrom. Jack Patera, a Minnesota Vikings assistant coach, was sought out and hired by Thompson to serve as the Seahawks’ debut head coach. On January 3, 1976, a hiring announcement was made. On March 30 and 31, 1976, the expansion draft was placed, and unprotected players from the other 26 clubs in the league were chosen by Seattle and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in alternate rounds. The Seahawks received compensation for the second-round pick in the 1976 draught that they used to select defensive tackle Steve Niehausthe. On August 1, 1976, the group took the field for the first time in a preseason game at the then-new Kingdome against the San Francisco 49ers. 

After being threatened by the NFL, Behring got a fine of $500,000 per day. The team was eventually sold by Hoffman and Behring to the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 1997 for a sum of $200 million.

Want the best Seattle Seahawks fantasy football team names? Look no further. Whether you’re looking for stupid, new, great, funny, old, or clever fantasy football team names to match your favorite team — the Seattle Seahawks — we’ve got it right here.

  • Hawk’n Balls.
  • Et My Skeattles.
  • No Mediocre Players.
  • FantaSeahawks
  • The Fants Go Marching
  • Noah’s Arc
  • Stuck in the Mirer
  • Secret AdMirer
  • Way of the SoDo
  • Lumenated Manuscripts
  • Lumentorship
  • Kingdummies
  • Noah Fantasy Football
  • Rock Out With Your Hawk Out.
  • For Kicks and Skittles.
  • Legion of Bloom.
  • Seahawk Mafia
  • The Fail Marys.
  • 10% Luck 20% Skittles.
  • The Ball Hawgs. 
  • 12 Angry Men.
  • The 12th Realm.
  • Seahawkward
  • 12th Maniacs
  • Met Life

Some Seattle Seahawks fantasy football names are listed below :- 

  • Hawk ‘n’ Roll
  • Wingmen
  • Seawitched
  • Penny Questions?
  • Rashodd Ducks
  • Speed Walker
  • Walker, Washington Ranger
  • 12th Man Records.
  • Zornery Bastards
  • Bellore of the Rings
  • SeaHawks of Cortez
  • Ready, Willing, and Kreiger
  • Sea-Tacky
  • Pete’s Dragons
  • RePete Champions
  • Sweet Carroll
  • On a CarRoll
  • We Carroll Lot
  • Cheat Carroll
  • Space Needledicks
  • Legion of Zoom
  • Spirit of ‘76
  • Easley Does It
  • Bosworth It
  • Bosworthless
  • I Wanna Hawk.
  • The Fail Marys.
  • 10% Luck 20% Skittles. 

Some more Seattle Seahawks fantasy football names:

  • Marshawn of the Dead.
  • Oh, Have Percy!
  • Sherman on the Mount
  • Male Pattern Baldwins
  • Sherman’s March to the Title.
  • Baldwin on a Budget.
  • Lynch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.
  • Full Hauschka. 
  • InstaGraham. 
  • Sherman’s Last Rant.
  • Penny for Your Thoughts
  • Take a Penny, Leave a Penny
  • Rashaads and Evens
  • Penny Given Sunday
  • Rashaad to Judgement
  • Rashing Yards
  • Get in the Carson
  • Truck Dads and Carsons
  • 32 CCs, Stat
  • Here Comes Carson
  • Forgot About Tre.
  • Dissly Spells.
  • Brown For The Count.
  • Moore Money Moore Problems.
  • 4th and Lynches.
  • Hot Lockett.
  • The Golden Metcalves
  • Lockett Down
  • Lockett Up
  • NoDustOnThisLombardi.
  • Lynch Marshawn.
  • My Favorite Marshawn.
  • Great Rawls of Fire.
  • Roasted Russel Sprouts.
  • Tedric Talks.
  • Mean Rasheem Green.

Some more Seahawks fantasy football names are :- 

  • Sherman Incompletion Act.
  • I’m A Coleman.
  • This is Spinal Tapp.
  • Tricky Dick’s Pick Six Clique.
  • There’s Ott To Be A Better Way.
  • I’m Bald-win and Beautiful.
  • Harvin a Bad Time.
  • My Team’s Been Kearsed.
  • Heart-Shaped Lockett.
  • These People Are McCray-cray. 
  • Wreck-it Rawls.
  • Hunt-ing for Heaps of Cottom.
  • Locked and Loaded
  • Bagels and Locks
  • Russ to Conclusions 
  • Running in Glow-motion.
  • Show No Percy.
  • Unger Strike.
  • Richard Shermanator.
  • What Deshon Foxx say?
  • Of Rice and Mendenhall.
  • Long as My Lynch’s Love Me.
  • Pop and Lockett.
  • Marshawny Grill.

The Seahawks Top Fantasy Players includes- 

Russell Wilson, QB

Chris Carson, RB

Doug Baldwin, WR

Tyler Lockett, WR

Nick Vannett, TE

Some Seattle Seahawks fantasy football team names :- 

  • The Brown Note.
  • Shermicide.
  • The Unsinkable Jaron Brown.
  • Okung’A’Matata.
  • A Mingo Ate My Baby.
  • Shake Shaq.
  • A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.
  • Shaq Shaq Attack.
  • 42 Wallaby Way Sidney.
  • Guardians of the Lombardi.
  • It’s a Lock
  • Lock’s be Friends
  • Turn the Key and Lockett
  • Locketamine
  • Lockett Ness Monsters
  • There’s a Lockett in My Pocket 
  • Dread Pirate Sherman.
  • The Penny is Mightier. 
  • Forsett In The End Zone.
  • Marshall Law.

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