Patriots Fantasy Football Names

The New England Patriots are a professional American football team, and did you know that they are based in the Greater Boston area? Since 1994, every home game for the Patriots has been sold out, and as of 2022, they are the ninth most valuable sports franchise globally. 

There are several new playmakers for the New England Patriots on the opposing side of the field. For fantasy football reasons, returning players make the most sense. From the perspective of fantasy sports, the New England Patriots are a fascinating squad. They have a number of talented offensive players, including a deep running back and wide receiver group. 

Stephen Gostkowski, a three-time Super Bowl champion, leads the team all-time in points scored with 1,775 total points. With 158 points in 2013, he also retains the single-season scoring record.
RB Kevin Faulk, a three-time Super Bowl champion and career Patriot, has 12,340 total yards for all purposes, including receiving, rushing, and return yards.
For the Patriots, Tom Brady is the undisputed leader in terms of passing statistics over the course of a career, a season, a game (including regular season and postseason), and the overall number of games played.

Under coach Belichick, the New England Patriots are known for the traits listed below, known as the “Patriot Way”:

  1. Their harsh, militaristic, and self-critical attitude.
  2. Their focus on the team, players’ equality, and absence of individual ego. 
  3. Their excellent work ethic, intelligence, and intense concentration and planning for each game.
  4. They have players who are versatile and can play many positions.
  5. Their various strategies were designed to capitalise on  adversary’s shortcomings.

Today, we will provide you with some of the most catchy, unique  and hilarious Patriots fantasy football names.

The Patriots fantasy football names are mentioned in the list below.

1. Shipping to Boston
2. Pat Patriots
3. Boston Patriots
4. The Pats
5. The Evil empire
6. The Boogeymen
7. Mac Attack
8. I Devant it that way
9. Quarterback Jones
10. The Bourne Legacy
11. The Bourne supremacy
12. Agholorious
13. Parker’s Cars
14. Hunter the Hungry
15. Big Hunter
16.  Hunter Hunts fiercely
17. Hunter Energy
18. King Henry the 86th
19.  You Patrioughta be in pictures
20. 21st Century Foxborough
21. The Boston Area American Lovers
22.  Guy Fawkesbrough
23. Undeflated Champs
24.  Devantase Me, Bro
25. Parker’s Posey
26. Van Noyce
27. Precocious Lil Tyq
28. Slater’s special team
29.  The Bourne Ultimatum
30.  Devantaste of things to come
31. Thornton My Side
32. Tuck you
33. Hunter for the Win
34. Julian Edelman ‘s Tinder date
35. Robert Kraft’s Patriot Missile
36. Hunterrrrrrrr
37. Deflated Balls
38. Night of the Hunter
39. Winning Tom Only
40. Gillette me Love you
41. comPATible Patriots
42. Krafty Veterans
43. Pats’ Amore
44.  Fire Pats
45. Deus ex Mac
46. Undefeated Patriots
47. Patriots era
48.  Pats on the Back
49.Vladimir Putin’s Super Bowl Ring
50. Gillette – Man’s favourite

Nostalgic Patriot Fantasy Football names

Has the Patriots Era or Legacy come to an end, or is this just a little pause? In any case, there is never a bad time to begin feeling excessively nostalgic for the good old times.
So here we go with some old school but memorable Patriots fantasy football names :

1. Rob Gonekowski
2.  We Love you Gronk, Please Come back Home
3.  Red, White and Bruschi
4.  Ladies and Edelman
5. Russel Wilson’s Butler
6. Bledsoe What
7. Ben Watson-Again, Off-Again Relationship
8. R.I.P R.O.B
9. Edel-Mentos: The Freshmaker
10. That’s Just Like, Your Opinion, Edelman
11. Yes M’ Loy
12. Tom BraDEEZ NUTS
13. A formal petition  for Antonio Brown to Go Into the HoF as a Patriot
14. Donta’s Inferno
15. Newton’s Laws of Motion
16. Belichick Yourself
17. The big Gronkowski
18. Gronkowski Giants
19. Aaron Hernandez’ Taxi service
20. Krafty Like a fox
21. Little Gronkowski Urban Achievers
22. Vince  wilfork yourself
23. You’ll Be hearing from my Lawyer Milloy
24. The Real Slim Brady
25. My fair Brady
26.  Tom Brady wears UGG BOOTS
27. Big Mac
28. Boss Brady
29. Mr. Jones and us
30. Mac & Chase
31. Tom Terrific
32. Game Of Jones
33. Brady Gaga
34. Mac Pro
35. Wynn will win
36. Jonesing for a Championship
37. It’s  a hard Gronk Life
38. Tampa Brady
39. Touchdown Tommy
40. Holy Gronkamole
41. You got Gronked
42. Brady Bunch
43. Gronk you like a hurricane
44. Party Gronk Anthem
45.  Tommy Tutone
46. Party Like a Gronk Star
47. The Brady  Factor
48. You got ROBbed
49. Nobody puts Brady in the corner
50. Brady’s Got Back

Bill Belichick Fantasy Names

After winning six Super Bowls and setting other coaching records, Belichick rose to become one of the best coaches in NFL history. He has achieved many coaching milestones.
Since Tom Brady left, Bill has been the team’s most marketable player, thus here are potential Bill Belichick fantasy team names for you. 

  1. Belichicken Tinders
  2.  Belichick please 
  3. Belichick ease
  4. Ring my Belichick 
  5. Chick in chick out
  6. Bills On us
  7. You Can Belichick In But You Can Never Belichick Out
  8. The BILLievers
  9. It’s the Right Time to Billieve
  10. Don’t stop Billievin’
  11. Bill Backers
  12. Dollar Bill$
  13. Killer Bill
  14. I got Bills i gotta play
  15. Something to Billieve in.

Fantasy Football Team Names for the Patriots Defense

Because, let’s face it, the Patriots’ defence was their best fantasy performer the year before.

  1. Judon Kicks
  2.  Defensive Duggers
  3. What Ja’Whaun Do?
  4. Dugger digging
  5.  Double-O-Devil
  6.  The Man in the Dont’a Hightower
  7.  Devin Wins it
  8. KD Duty
  9. McCourting Disaster
  10. Order in McCourty
  11. Mccourty Meal
  12. Judon Chop!
  13. Raising the BarMore
  14. Matt  Matte finish
  15. Defense touches
  16. Devin in the House


Hope you got what you were looking for in the above list.
So start making your teams, add on players, set their positions and practice your strategies but dont forget to give them your favourite, catchy and cool Patriots inspired fantasy names from the above mentioned list of Patriots fantasy football names, and amaze your friends and family with creativity and style. Have a  great season ahead.

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