NFL Teams Which Were Part of AFL

The National Football League or popularly known as the NFL is a prestigious American football League which is organized by two very well known organizations: National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Both of them contain 16 teams. Since the AFL was under the American Football Conference, some teams of AFL are still there in the NFL. So a common question arises among the watchers and fans, which NFL team was originally part of the AFL? 

The American Football League Eastern Unit and the American Football League Western Unit were the two primary subdivisions that played in the AFL league when it first started in 1960. The AFL Eastern Unit included the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, York Titans, and Boston Patriots. The Los Angeles Chargers, Dallas Texans, Denver Broncos, and Oakland Raiders played in the Western unit. These 8 Teams of America are under the American Football Conference ( AFC ).

What are the AFL Teams that are Still Playing in the NFL? 

Although the NFL consists of 32 teams, there are few AFL teams which are still playing in the NFL. So let’s get back to our actual question “which NFL team was originally part of the AFL

  1. Tennessee Titans 

The “Houston Oilers” were the official title of the Titans when they first played in the American Football League (AFL) in the 1960s. Earlier on during the AFL, the squad was among the most dominant, winning two of the initial three tournaments. The Oilers were the first team in AFLs history to choose a NFL playing player in their league. Eventually, the group moved inside the Houston Astrodome, which transformed outdoor sports, where they played their home games.

The Oilers made the decision to move to Nashville officially in 1997. However, to finish the new stadium almost 2 years was necessary, which was not in favor of the Oilers . In order to play in the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, the team relocated to Memphis and took the name “Tennessee Oilers.” They have won two consecutive AFL titles. One in 1960 and another in 1961.

  1.  San Diego Chargers 

One of the first franchises assigned in the new league and one of the original founding members of the AFL in 1960 was the “Los Angeles Chargers.” Barron Hilton, the proprietor of this team, was extremely rich and also had connections to Southern California, which was beneficial for the fledgling league. Barron, though, threatened to remove his team from the league before the first season started unless another West Coast team was added. Oakland eventually received an AFL franchise.

Later this team was moved to San Diego due to many major problems and it was named as ” San Diego Chargers”. 

  1.  Oakland Raiders

In 1960, the Oakland Raiders joined the AFL as one of its former teams. They made the desperate decision to join that league. Eight teams from the AFL were already prepared to start the league’s first season. The Minneapolis group, however, was given an NFL entry contract on the day of the first AFL draft, and they subsequently left the fledgling league. It is clear that the NFL wanted to crush the nascent league.

When the AFL and NFL combined in 1970, the Raiders and the other AFL teams were given a seat in the American Football Conference (AFC). This team has won 1 AFL title and 3 NFL title.

  1.  New York JetsJets 

The Jets participated in the AFL’s inaugural season of 1960, along with many other teams. It was crucial that the new league include a club in New York City as its presenter. The New York Titans were created as a result. Later this team was named as “New York Jets” in the NFL. This team has won one AFL title and one Super Bowl.

  1. New Orleans Saints 

The AFL-NFL merger had a direct impact on the Saints becoming a franchise. The City of New Orleans had been considered as a potential home for a number of professional football clubs, including the Dallas Texans (AFL) in 1963. The AFL and NFL started talking about a potential merger of the two leagues after years of conflict, rising player pay, and declining profits. This team has won one NFL title.

  1.  New England Patriots

In 1960, the Boston Patriots became an original AFL partner. Lamar Hunt, the man who founded the AFL, tried to obtain stadium rights with two different groups of investors—one in Baltimore and one in Seattle—but none was successful. Billy Sullivan, a former Notre Dame football publicity director, was next introduced to Hunt. A franchise for Boston, the eighth and final AFL entry, was created following the meeting. Later after the merging of AFL- NFL the team was named as “New England Patriots”. This team was the most popular team in the 2000s because it has won 3 Super Bowl and 7 division titles.

  1.  Kansas City Chiefs

In 1960, the Chiefs joined the AFL as one of its major teams. Originally known as the “Dallas Texans,” it had its Texas roots. Owner Lamar Hunt attempted to acquire an NFL expansion franchise or buy an existing team and transfer it to Dallas in the spring of 1958. 

Previously this team was named as Kansas City Texans. After rejecting almost 1200 names, the ” Kansas City Chiefs” was selected. This team has won 3 AFL titles and 1 Super Bowl.

  1.  Denver Broncos

When the Broncos joined the AFL as a founding member in 1960, they immediately faced financial difficulties. Owner Bob Howsam faced financial challenges. In 1958, he asked about acquiring an NFL team after owning the Denver Bears, a minor league baseball team, but was informed that expansion was years away. The Denver Broncos have won 2 NFL titles and both Super Bowl.


It was not easy for the officials to merge the NFL and AFL. The NFL teams and the AFL teams have always been rivals to each other. Despite the fact that the leagues will eventually merge into one and both represent the same game, the rivalry was at its peak. Knowing that both had spent years trying to ruin the other, it was necessary to merge the NFL and AFL. Finally in 1970 NFL- AFL merged and two conferences were announced which were American Football Conference ( AFC) and National Football Conference ( NFC). We hope you got the answer to your question “which nfl team was originally part of the afl “.

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