How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages

Have your Snapchat messages been erased from Android?

Concerned about recovering Snapchat messages on Android?

You can recover deleted Snapchat messages on Android with or without a backup using the instructions in this post, so don’t worry. Today, a number of messaging apps are available, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, and others. Snapchat is one of them. An innovative app with great user ease, it is quite popular.

However, there are numerous instances where users unintentionally lose their Snapchat messages or chats and they really want them back.

Now, deciding what to do and how to obtain them is a difficult task.

Therefore, let’s read the blog to learn about some of the top strategies to restore deleted Snapchat messages on Android or ios.

Methods To Recover Deleted Messages From Snapchat Account

1. Use My Data Feature to recover deleted messages

  • The messages automatically vanish from your Snapchat account. Requesting the Snapchat My Data interface is necessary. You may restore deleted Snapchat messages from a backup file without using Snapchat message recovery software for iPhone.
  • Send a request using Snapchat’s “My Data” function. 
  • From the drop-down option, choose Messages, and then click the Submit Request button. A copy of your data will subsequently be prepared by the Snapchat Support Team and sent to you via email.
  • As soon as the email arrives, open it, select the Download option to take you to the My Data page, and then tap the file to save it to your iPhone.
  • Get access to deleted Snapchat messages.
  • After your iPhone has extracted, open the new folder and the index.html page.

You can view any deleted Snapchat messages that have previously been removed.

2. Recover deleted Snapchat messages using Snapchat Cache

On Android, it is possible to recover deleted messages by using the cache of the specific app.

The data does not necessarily vanish completely from the app even when it does.

They are all kept in the device’s memory, where they can all be recovered.

In spite of your decision to delete temporary cache files, the data is still there.

Consequently, you have the opportunity to retrieve deleted Snapchat messages from Android devices.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Connect your Android phone through a USB cord to a PC.

Step 2: Your device memory is shown on the PC once it is connected. Select the “Android” folder after entering “Internal Storage” or “External Storage.”

Step 3: Next, select “Data” and then “” as your search criteria.

Step 4: Next, rename the messages to remove the extension and look for every deleted Snapchat history there. For instance, navigate to > cache > receive image snaps if you need to restore photographs.

3. IPhone’s File Manager to recover deleted Snapchat messages 

You can access the unsaved messages in the.nomedia file using a File Manager application without needing Snapchat message recovery tools.

Follow the steps below after selecting one of the many File Manager apps in the App Store.

  • On your iPhone, download and open the File Manager app.
  • Identify and pick each of the data files with the.nomedia extension.
  • All files should be renamed after being stripped of the.nomedia extension. You can then review your old Snapchat messages whenever you like.

Best Apps for iPhone to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages

1. Fonelab IPhone Data Recovery

On a Windows computer, you can “recover Snapchat messages” using iPhone Data Recovery. In order to “recover Snapchat messages iPhone,” use this iPhone recovery programme.

Steps to follow

  • With the help of the Snapchat Messages Recovery app, connect the iPhone to Windows or Mac.
  • An automatic download of “Recovery from iOS Device” will take place.
  • Selecting the Start Scan button will begin the scan.
  • With this, you may scan your iPhone and retrieve its information.
  • To get a preview of messages, choose Messages from the left pane of the recovery interface.
  • Choose the deleted messages you wish to recover from Snapchat and click Recover.
  • Pick a destination folder on your computer to store the restored Snapchat messages.

2. ISkysoft Toolbox

You may recover deleted Snapchat messages from your iPhone using the “recover Snapchat messages iPhone” method provided by iSkysoft Toolbox. It can also restore Snapchat from iTunes or iCloud backup files.

Steps to follow

  • Install iSkysoft Toolbox on the PC after obtaining it.
  • Launch the app after connecting your iPhone to the PC.
  • In the main window, select the Recover tab.
  • Press the Start Scan button after choosing the data type to start the scan.
  • After the scan is finished, you will receive a list of the data that can be recovered.You can review the data and decide which of it you want to recover.
  • From the menu, select “Recover to Computer.”

Save Text Messages On Snapchat Manually

The most straightforward and fundamental method of recovering Snapchat messages is manually storing them on an iPhone. Here’s how to manually save text messages from Snapchat.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone and log in first. You’ll be directed to a screen where you can immediately take a picture.
  • By using your finger to scroll right on the screen, you can access the discussion screen.
  • To chat with someone, click the “Chat” button in the top left corner.Once you’ve finished writing your message, tap “Send.”
  • The messages you want to keep will now appear in bold text and will be coloured “Gray.” You must tap those messages.
  • This implies that the messages were chosen specifically and will remain when you log off.
  • Simply touch it one more to make a message disappear after 10 seconds if you don’t want to keep it.


The fact that pictures and messages on Snapchat are frequently only accessible for a short while before being deleted by their recipients is one of the app’s most striking features. If you lost every Snapchat message, what would happen? I hope you can easily “recover deleted Snapchat messages” in any device after reading this extensive instruction.


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