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How To Play The Desk Tennis Forehand Smash

The forehand smash in desk tennis is an attacking stroke which you should use each time your opponent performs a shot the place the ball bounces larger than regular.

The intention of the forehand smash is to hit the ball as laborious as potential, with minimal spin, as a way to attempt to end the rally and win the purpose.

Nonetheless, in lots of instances, multiple forehand smash will probably be required as a way to end the rally and win the purpose.

Your preliminary forehand smash could also be returned by your opponent utilizing a forehand lob or a backhand lob, so you might have to play a number of smashes in succession.

So if you wish to enhance your possibilities of profitable extra desk tennis matches, you may must develop and enhance this stroke.

The crucial ingredient of taking part in this stroke is to just be sure you hit the ball in a downward route.

However first, it is necessary to get your physique right into a side-on place and barely away from the desk.

And in making ready to play the forehand smash your backswing ought to convey your arm again instantly behind the trail of the ball and your physique needs to be rotating again barely as you switch your weight onto your again foot.

You additionally must get your racket in a excessive place so to come downwards and forwards as you play your stroke and hit the ball.

You need to strike the ball when it’s on the prime of the bounce or at shoulder peak.

As you play the stroke your weight is transferred onto your entrance foot and the contact level needs to be in entrance of your physique.

Your physique weight ought to all the time be transferring forwards as you play your stroke and observe via, earlier than returning to the ready position.

If the lobbed return may be very excessive you could possibly additionally bounce up (which can help you hit the ball at the next level), however it is a riskier stroke to play.

Alternatively, you could possibly hit the ball earlier than it bounces too excessive, for instance when it rises simply above the peak of the web. However though it will give your opponent much less time to react to your shot, it is a a lot riskier stroke to play.

So let’s check out a video demonstration of the forehand smash performed in opposition to a lobbed (excessive bouncing ball) return.

(In case you have issues with the sound, there are captions/subtitles that you would be able to activate. Simply click on on the captions/subtitles button)


The forehand smash in desk tennis may also be performed each time your opponent performs a shot which causes the ball to bounce larger than regular, and never simply in response to a lobbed return.

Nonetheless, the decrease the bounce, the upper the danger.

The forehand smash ought to solely be used when the ball bounces above the peak of the web, as a result of whenever you hit it you are attempting to hit the ball as laborious as potential, however in a downward route. So if the ball shouldn’t be above the peak of the web whenever you hit it, you can not hit it in a downward route.

Check out these examples I’ve put collectively for you on this video.

The gamers featured listed below are all close to the highest of the world rankings, so it is unlikely that you’ll play in addition to they do, however they display the forehand smash stroke in aggressive matches.

The kill stroke

Nonetheless, in case your opponent performs their return decrease than a excessive lob, and/or near the web, you should use an analogous stroke which is usually known as a kill stroke.

Listed below are a number of examples from aggressive matches between gamers who’re all close to the highest of the world rankings.

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