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How To Select Your Desk Tennis Rubber

Prime ideas that can assist you select your best desk tennis racket.
Half three – what kind of desk tennis rubber do you want?

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So, if you happen to’re following my suggestion to purchase a personalized racket (part one) reasonably than a ready-made racket, and you’ve got chosen your desk tennis blade (part two), you are now prepared to decide on your rubbers.

Nonetheless, that is the stage the place many rookies and intermediate gamers go astray.

You see, as a result of desk tennis rubbers are actually accessible in so many alternative varieties, many gamers discover it very tough to determine which of them to make use of.

As well as, many gamers mistakenly consider that utilizing sure rubbers will elevate their recreation to new heights, so that they solely purchase the most recent or “greatest” (and costliest) rubbers.

Nicely, that is utterly pointless and can most likely injury your recreation greater than assist it, and I am going to clarify why…

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The 2 color rule

Red and black table tennis rubbers

Since 1 July 1986 the rules of table tennis state that one aspect of the racket have to be shiny purple and the opposite aspect have to be black.

This rule was launched due to the elevated use of “mixture” rackets within the late Seventies and early Eighties.

At the moment, gamers have been utilizing the similar color rubber on either side of their racket, however have been utilizing two differing kinds of rubber, and so they have been then “twiddling” the racket in the course of the rally.

This made it very tough for his or her opponent to know which rubber was getting used for every stroke, and due to this fact what kind of spin was being imparting onto the ball.

So the principles have been modified in 1986 in order that your opponent would at the very least know which aspect of the racket you have been utilizing.

Here is an illustration of “twiddling” by the England participant Carl Prean

So if you happen to’re planning on collaborating in authorised desk tennis occasions, that you must just be sure you purchase the proper color rubbers.

New guidelines on color of rubbers

On the ITTF Annual Normal Assembly in Might 2019, a brand new rule was agreed which says that with impact from 2021, further shiny colors will likely be allowed.

One aspect of the racket will nonetheless should be black, however the different aspect could also be a shiny color clearly distinguishable from black and from the color of the ball.

New colours coming in 2021 for rubbers
New colors coming in 2021 for rubbers

Additional particulars will likely be accessible nearer the time after detailed color specs have been agreed.


The ITTF Board of Administrators have now agreed the brand new colors for alternate options to BRIGHT RED.

Brilliant inexperienced, shiny blue, shiny violet, shiny purple/pink will now be allowed along with shiny purple.

The opposite aspect of the racket MUST nonetheless be black, however these further 4 shiny colors can now be used as a substitute of shiny purple.

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list of authorised rubbers each six months, so you must verify that the rubbers you purchase are nonetheless authorised if you purchase them.

Here is an instance of the small print and logos which seem on the decrease portion of Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubbers which have been authorised by the ITTF.

Table tennis rubber logo

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Select rubbers which enhance your fashion

While you’re selecting which desk tennis rubbers to make use of you must preserve it easy and select rubbers that complement your fashion.

You see, the easy reality is that this…

Improve your technique with coaching

You’ll enhance your recreation far more by IMPROVING YOUR TECHNIQUE and by PRACTISING MORE OFTEN, than you ever will by selecting any specific rubber.

When you perceive this easy reality, you’ll be able to neglect about attempting all of the tons of of various rubbers which can be found till such time as your customary improves to a excessive stage.

If you happen to use the rubbers I like to recommend right here, you’ll have all you want.

The delicate variations between totally different rubbers (inside their very own class) aren’t sufficient to make ANY distinction to the overwhelming majority of gamers.

Steady apply together with your chosen rubber will yield a lot better outcomes than regularly altering between totally different rubbers.

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Desk tennis rubbers – are all of them the identical?

There are three foremost variations you want to concentrate on…

1. The thickness of the sponge

Side view showing parts of a table tennis racket

Desk tennis rubbers can be found in several thicknesses and, as a common rule, the thicker the sponge, the extra attacking / offensive the rubber.

For instance, a 2.0mm or 2.5mm sponge will likely be quicker and extra appropriate for an attacking / offensive fashion of play, while a 1.5mm sponge will likely be a medium velocity and offer you extra management. A 1.0mm sponge will likely be slower and extra appropriate for a defensive fashion of play.

The rubber and sponge are typically pre-assembled as one piece, and it is very uncommon to buy them individually.

2. Pimples-out

Desk tennis rubbers can have the pimples (pips) dealing with outwards or inwards.

Pimpled rubber (pips) has the pimples dealing with outwards which implies that the graceful aspect of the rubber is hooked up to the sponge. So that you strike the ball with the pimpled floor.

Pimples out rubbers - short pimples and long pimples

Pimples-out is accessible in two primary varieties – brief pimples or lengthy pimples – and each provides you a totally totally different impact when the ball is struck by the pimples.

Quick pimples are appropriate for gamers with a quick blocking or counter-hitting recreation, while lengthy pimples are appropriate for a extra defensive or disruptive fashion of play. Lengthy pimples also can assist you to to return attacking / offensive photographs with uncommon spin.

Nearly all of pimples-out rubbers have totally different thicknesses of sponge beneath them, however there are some which don’t have any sponge in any respect beneath them, and these are known as “OX” which is an abbreviation for orthodox.

3. Reverse rubber (pimples in)

Reverse rubber (pimples inward)

Desk tennis rubbers also can have the pimples (pips) dealing with inwards in the direction of the sponge. You due to this fact strike the ball with the graceful aspect of the rubber.

This is called reverse rubber and is by far the preferred kind of rubber because it permits an entire vary of strokes to be performed.

Any such rubber gives you good management and may also help you to develop your strokes, whereas pimpled rubber (pips) is usually designed for superior gamers who need to play a specific kind of recreation.


Here is a video I discovered posted on YouTube which exhibits how Butterfly blades and rubbers are made in Japan…

Here is a video I discovered posted on YouTube which exhibits how Butterfly blades and rubbers are made in Japan…

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How to decide on your desk tennis rubbers

As I mentioned earlier, many gamers mistakenly consider that utilizing sure rubbers will elevate their recreation to new heights, so that they’ll solely purchase the most recent or “greatest” (and costliest) rubbers.

Nonetheless, that is utterly the flawed method to decide on rubbers and it will most likely injury your recreation greater than assist it.

You see, many rookies and intermediate gamers regularly change the rubbers they use, in search of that “magic” ingredient that they hope a special rubber will give them.

However consistently altering your rubbers implies that you will additionally should consistently change the way you play your strokes. So you will by no means excellent an excellent stroke method.


So listed below are my suggestions…

I like to recommend that you simply use reverse rubbers.

Moreover, you must use the identical kind of rubber on either side of your racket as this may assist you to to develop your strokes.

Selecting desk tennis rubbers is all about selecting ones which enhance your fashion of play, and never about selecting a specific model, as a result of selecting the best kind of rubber is crucial if you wish to maximise your probabilities of bettering your recreation.

So due to this fact that you must first decide your fashion of play, after which select rubbers solely from the class which matches your fashion of play.

All of the specialist desk tennis tools suppliers categorise their rubbers, so so long as you select a rubber from the proper class, you may be assured that it will be best for you.

If you have not but decided your fashion of play, then you can purchase a racket which is categorised as Allround, or simply purchase a ready-made, leisure racket till your recreation has developed additional.

The overwhelming majority of gamers ought to select a blade and rubbers that are within the class “Allround“.

Rubbers are bought individually and are roughly 18cm (7 inches) sq., and so they have to be trimmed to the dimensions of your chosen blade.


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1. All-round / counter-attacking fashion

In my expertise, the overwhelming majority of gamers have an all-round, counter-attacking fashion of play. This implies you must use a medium velocity rubber which gives you good management.

The overwhelming majority of gamers ought to select the sort of rubber.

I like to recommend the next medium velocity rubbers…

Butterfly Sriver Table Tennis Rubber

Butterfly Sriver 1.5 mm rubber on either side of your blade. (NOTE: not Sriver FX)

Sriver is likely one of the hottest rubbers of all-time and is utilized by a excessive proportion of high gamers. The 1.5mm selection gives you nice management.

Alternatively, the 1.7mm selection may also offer you good management.

You should buy Butterfly Sriver right here…


Joola 4 all Table Tennis Rubber

Alternatively, Joola 4 all 1.5mm (or 1.8mm) may also offer you good management.

You should buy Joola 4 all right here…




2. Attacking / offensive fashion

If you happen to’re a complicated participant and you’ve got developed an attacking / offensive fashion of play, a quicker rubber might swimsuit you higher. Nonetheless, a quicker rubber implies that you will lose a few of the management supplied by the slower rubbers.

I like to recommend…

Yasaka Mark V Table Tennis Rubber

Yasaka Mark V 2.0mm (or 1.8mm).

You should buy Yasaka Mark V right here…



Butterfly Bryce Table Tennis Rubber

Alternatively, you would use Butterfly Bryce 2.1mm rubber on either side of your blade.

Bryce is a rubber which includes “Excessive Rigidity”. This causes the ball to rebound off the rubber with additional velocity.

You should buy Butterfly Bryce right here…



3. Defensive fashion

If you happen to’ve developed a defensive fashion of play, a slower rubber will swimsuit you higher. Nonetheless, a slower rubber implies that you will discover it tough to generate the velocity of shot supplied by quicker rubbers.

I like to recommend…

Butterfly Tackiness Chop Table Tennis Rubber

Butterfly Tackiness Chop II 1.5mm or 1.7mm rubber on either side of your blade.

Butterfly have now developed this “second era” of their extremely acclaimed Tackiness Chop rubber.

Tackiness Chop-II lets you produce additional backspin, with most management. And it is new sponge now has extra rebound and due to this fact makes attacking simpler and more practical.

You should buy Butterfly Tackiness Chop II right here…

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Altering Your Desk Tennis Rubbers

As I mentioned partially one, desk tennis rubbers deteriorate with age, so you will want to switch them at common intervals.

Mud particles penetrate the rubber inflicting it to lose its tackiness. And publicity to warmth, gentle and air additionally causes the rubber to deteriorate.

Skilled desk tennis gamers change their rubber extraordinarily often – some gamers change them daily – however they do not have to purchase them!

You may want to vary your rubbers after they begin to lose their tackiness, so…

I like to recommend…

Altering your rubbers at the very least yearly.

If you happen to play very often, you might discover that that you must substitute them extra usually, however yearly is adequate for many gamers.

Although you might substitute your rubber with precisely the identical rubber, I discover that they nonetheless have totally different taking part in traits.

I play a number of instances every week, however I solely substitute mine on the finish of each season as I discover it takes some time to get used to the brand new rubbers.

So, now that you have chosen your rubbers, you will must know what the principles say about gluing your rubbers onto your blade.

The answer is in part four – choosing your table tennis glue


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