Successfully Wild Episode 1771: Take the Cash and Pun

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter in regards to the newest batch of foolish Scott Boras quotes, that includes Meg’s real-time reactions to listening to them for the primary time, a “pretend quote or actual quote?” quiz, and a dialogue of the motivations behind the superagent’s annual stand-up routine, then talk about Boras’s feedback about aggressive integrity and attempt to determine the 13 (or extra) groups that Boras says aren’t attempting to win. Then (41:15) they look at the concept of an official MLB participant rating system, reply emails about Clayton Kershaw’s utilization, the very best sort of routine out with which to finish a postseason sequence, and the least useful entity that groups would commerce, and shut (1:16:12) with Stat Blasts on the Braves as a Ship of Theseus and Pedro Feliciano vs. Chase Utley and essentially the most prolific pitcher-batter matchups.

Audio intro: The Hives, “No Pun Intended
Audio outro: Lilys, “Scott Free

Link to “best” Boras quotes
Link to WaPo on Boras and competition
Link to CBS Sports on Boras and tanking
Link to video of Boras on Bryant
Link to video of Boras on Conforto
Link to video of Alderson on Boras
Link to Rob Mains on competitive inequality
Link to Bill James Handbook 2022
Link to Ben on peak Kershaw
Link to Ben on Kershaw’s adjustments
Link to final out of the 2016 World Series
Link to FanGraphs post on trading data
Link to Stat Blast data on postseason rosters
Link to Stat Blast data on common matchups
Link to Stat Blast data on Johnson vs. Cobb
Link to Stat Blast data on matchups over time
Link to study on batters learning over time
Link to Feliciano obit
Link to Feliciano vs. Utley matchup summary
Link to Feliciano vs. Utley matchup details
Link to The Athletic’s FanGaphs WAR report
Link to EW interview with Jonathan Judge
Link to Stove League teaser video
Link to stream Stove League via Kocowa
Link to stream Stove League via Viki

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