Different football terms which are used in Football 

It is not very shocking to know about the fact that one of the most played and well-liked sports around the globe is football. It is a team sport which has a huge fanbase, in which two teams of eleven players compete against one another in a match. In this game there is a common purpose of each side, which is to score as many goals as possible during the ninety minutes course of the game. The team that obtains the most goals wins, whereas the team that obtains the fewest goals loses. In several other nations football is also named Soccer.

It is assumed that today’s modern game was first played in the United Kingdom around the beginning of the 19th century. Since then, a tonne of new football terms have been introduced to define different characteristics of this sport and its culture which are still used. These football terms describe a lot about the game itself and thus it’s very important to know about those terms.

We have discussed different football terms used in real life football leagues and matches in this article.

Different Football Terms

We have listed some football terms which are often used in this sport. 

  • Backfield – Among different football terms Backfield is very well known. There are two portions of the field for this. First we have a defensive system which is definitely for defense  and then offensive system. The area of the field where the quarterback and running back line up behind the offensive line is called the offensive backfield. Linebackers and defensive backs line up in the defensive backfield, which is the space behind the defensive line.
  • Extra point – A team may select to execute a kick through the upright goalposts at each end of the field after obtaining a touchdown in order to score one extra point. This kick would be the same just like a 33-yard field goal.
  • End zone – The region of the field where the teams try to go in order to score a touchdown at each end of the field. To score this there are two ways, first one has to go into the opposing team’s end zone with the ball , which is 10 yards by 53 ⅓ yards, secondly grab it inside.
  • Down – The period of the game during which the ball is active until it is ruled dead and the match is stopped. The majority of downs start with a snap from the midline. Sometimes corner kicks and turnovers are also options. In order to gain another first down and keep control of the ball for another possible set of four downs, an offense has four downs or less to move the ball 10 yards from its initial location on a first down. After the first down is numbered then if any further down happens then they are named as second down, third down, and fourth down. Teams start with the first down. Command switches to the opposing team if an offense does not go 10 yards further from the first down position.
  • Blitz – It is a defensive strategy in which more than four defenders, occasionally including linebackers or defensive backs who ordinarily do not cross the line of scrimmage, decide to run straight at the opposing quarterback in an effort to tackle or seize the ball rather than cover the backfield.
  • Field Goal – A team can score three points when a place kicker kicks the ball and it goes through the upright goalposts. It can be attempted at any time of the game during a team’s four downs, but it’s typically done when a team is on its fourth down and doesn’t think a touchdown point can be gained.
  • Interception – When a defensive player, typically the quarterback, catches a forward throw from the offense, changing the ball’s control from the opponent.
  • Line of scrimmage – The imaginary line on which the offensive and defensive players stand on is Line of scrimmage. The offensive line is indicated starting from the forward point of the ball after a referee has noticed it and stretches from sideline to sideline
  • Fumble –  Whenever a player  in possession of the ball loses it or the opposing player pulls it away, the player is not immediately considered to be down and declared out because of the contact.
  • Offensive line – A centre, who snaps the ball to start a down, two guards, and two defenders are a standard for every offensive line, while additional players of the offense may also make up the offensive line.
  • Penalty –  Among several football terms Penalty is also very well known one. A  team or player who is found to have violated the rules of the game will be punished.
  • Red zone – The abbreviation for the final 20 yards that an offense must cover to score a touchdown
  • Pocket – It is the perimeter that the quarterback’s offensive line creates in order to stop a defensive player from rushing him.
  • Sack – When a defender brings down the passer behind the line of scrimmage while the passer still has the ball in his grip, losing the yard.
  • Snap – The centre, or in certain cases the wide receiver, must transmit the ball between his legs to the quarterback, kicker, or keeper for a snap to occur.
  • Rushing – Rushing is the term used to describe the movement of a ball by an offensive player while sprinting with the ball in his hands.
  • Safety – A safety is declared and the defensive team scores two points if an offensive player is tackled by a defensive player in their own end zone.
  • Turnover – When a defensive player seizes the ball following a turnover or interception by the offensive squad.
  • Touchdown – A touchdown, which is worth six points, is achieved when a player pushes the ball throughout the goal line or receives it in the opposing team’s end zone.
  • Two-point conversion – Similarly like scoring a touchdown, the two-point conversion is successful if the ball crosses the goal line or is recovered in the end zone.


From the beginning of football these  football terms are used to describe various types of situations in this game. Without these football terms it would be almost impossible to describe any moment or situation of the game.Here we have discussed the most basic football terms which are used all over the world by should be known to every football fan. But there are many variations in this game and so there are different types of other football terms which are used in different nations.

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