Best Instagram Follower Tracking Apps

Managing your followers and keeping track of who follows and unfollows you are not simple tasks that can be done with the main Instagram app. Have you seen changes in your Instagram follower area and wondered how the numbers are changing? These days, you can keep tabs on statistics with some incredible Instagram Follower Tracking Apps . 

These programs all have unique things to offer. Both iOS and Android devices support these apps. We have some fantastic features concerning these Instagram Follower Tracking Apps

Instagram Follower Tracking Apps

1. Followers Plus

The best tracker to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram is this one. It is ideal for monitoring users’ personal accounts. It is easily readable, practical, and effective visually thanks to the scrolling feature. This program makes it simple to keep track of new followers and unfollowers. 

It’s easy to keep track of new followers and unfollows with the help of this application. You may view a list of people you follow but who don’t follow you back. and followers who don’t get a follow-back from you. 


  • The tool is free to use, accurate, and allows you to track both past and present appearances. 
  • It also features creative scrolling.
  • Monitoring of personal accounts is a key feature.


  • This program just controls Instagram, and in order to access the more sophisticated functions, you must pay.
  • Only compatible with iOS.

2. Pixlee

Pixlee records your performance and daily monitor your Instagram followers using its built-in broadcasting capability. It automates the gathering of material from many social media platforms, influencers, clients, and staff on a single platform while saving money and time.

Pixlee is regarded as one of the finest Instagram Follower Tracking Apps since it gives users rapid access to all of your greatest material in one location. 


  • Use for free


One of Instagram and Facebook’s official partners is the insight analytics software Iconosquare. It provides transparent metrics for things like following growth, social analysis, commitment data, Instagram story assumptions, etc. For businesses looking to enhance their social media communications strategy, this software works brilliantly.

Iconosquare offers scheduling, time-saving reporting, and in-depth analytics for Brands, among other advantages, allowing users to make data-driven decisions for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This app costs $29 per month to use.


  • The dashboard is fantastic; it offers in-depth research, excellent solutions, and a 14-day free trial.
  • Business social media monitoring.
  • Only iOS compatibility.


  • Only a few social networking networks are supported.

4. Crowdfire

Over 5 million people have downloaded the Crowdfire Instagram Followers Tracking App. The free Instagram tracker software may automatically suggest posts or pictures to increase visibility and follower growth whether the account is used for personal or business purposes. Additionally, it tracks brand mentions, provides interaction for postings, and gathers online content pertinent to the business.

Feature and Pros:

  • There is a free version available.
  • Reports on statistics and optimization are displayed.
  • The software has a safe payment mechanism and a premium edition for additional functionality.
  • On several websites, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, etc., it also keeps track of followers.
  • Automatically provide recommendations for articles and images based on user comments
  • You may compare your post to those of your rivals and get better. With the help of this software, you can assess the success of different users by comparing their top posts, what works best for them, and other factors.


  • Slow procedure and limitations for Instagram’s free use.

5. Ghost Follower

Ever wonder d how someone might overnight get 10,000 Instagram followers while only getting a few likes on their posts? I’m telling you folks, these are Instagram lurkers or ghost followers that never post anything. They aren’t associated with any collaborations.

With the use of this tracking tool, you can easily delete these fictitious followers from your account.


  •  IOS compatibility.
  •  The identification and removal of ghost followers is a key feature.
  •  Free, secure, and tracking and removal capabilities.


  • Users can unfollow 60 times every hour.

6. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

Sometimes you’ll see that despite an increase of 10,000 followers per day on Instagram, your posts are receiving relatively few likes. They are the Instagram users who persistently lurk or are ghost followers.

It has a removal capacity which is free, and secure.

60 users can be unfollowed per hour. By showing a list of followers, ghost followers, mutual followers, and recent unfollowers. 

7. Followers Insight

It may be used to increase engagements and is one of the best Instagram follower tracking applications. It is used by both iOS and Android. The app lets you know who has blocked you, who follows, unfollows you, and who has not reciprocated. These features are available:

  • Along with the list of your unfollowers, it displays a list of your most recent new followers.
  • You can find out whether or not your followers are responding to a recent post. 
  • Identify acquaintances you have in common. 
  • The tool also aids in enhancing your influencer strategy and making the most of the content across all marketing platforms. 

8. FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram are quite beautiful and allow you to manage your Instagram followers. The app included capabilities such as the ability to identify those who are not following you back, who sees your stories the most, who doesn’t follow you, who your top likers are, who your hidden admirers are, who your ghost followers are, and who blocked your account.

The software provides three distinct membership choices, including $4.99 for 1 Month with monthly renewals, $17.99 for 6 Months with biannual renewals, and $24.99 for 1 Year with annual renewals.

The free additional features offered by FollowMeter are :-

  • Gained number of followers. 
  • Number of lost ffollowers. 
  • Amount of unfollowers. 
  • Statistics that may be seen in photos and videos and Total likes rreceived. 
  • Average number of liked posts. 
  • Typical comments on a post. 


The finest Instagram Follower Tracking App are listed above to assist you in locating your actual followers. Instagram Follower Tracking Apps keep tabs on your follower growth, story views, and post performance while tracking in-depth details about your Instagram account.

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