Choosing the ideal fantasy football team name could be just as crucial as selecting the right players. Nothing else is sillier than beginning the campaign with the usual name that your selected hosting provider provides. When one of your player’s name appears on your fantasy team, it elevates the situation. Ezekiel Elliott is likely to be a powerhouse for fantasy football this year, so creating a squad name to smack your league mates in the face might be the approach to just go. 

Ezekiel Elliott is among the top running backs you should watch out for in the fantasy football season. He has exceptional talent and is going a to be fantastic pick in the draught. 

As we all football fans are already aware, Ezekiel Elliott has consistently ranked as one of the top fantasy players in the league. Football enthusiasts frequently discuss the Dallas Cowboys. American football running back Ezekiel Elliott competes for the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys. He became a popular subject of conversation among football fans as a result of his many accomplishments.

But First, Why Should you choose Ezekiel Elliott for your Team?

  • For the Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott has participated in seven seasons. He has accumulated 7,691 yards on 1,731 rushes, 2,271 yards on 293 catches, and 69 touchdowns. He was also selected to play in three Pro Bowl seasons. Elliott has demonstrated he can be one of the top weapons in the league, so having him back in well-being would be a huge boost for the Cowboys’ attack and also your team.
  • In just 15 games as a rookie, Elliott paced the NFL with 322 rushing attempts and 1,631 rushing yards. He had nine more rushing touchdowns than any other rookie running back, and his 15 have been the third-most in the NFL.
  • During his debut season, he was the RB2. Elliott finished 2017 as the RB13 in PPR despite sitting out six games due to a suspension. Since then, he has finished every season as a top-10 running back. Additionally, throughout his career, Elliott averaged at least 1,250 scrimmage yards and eight total touchdowns 

In addition, Ezekiel was a fantasy powerhouse as soon as he took the field for the NFL, so he definitely looks like a fantastic pick for your football fantasy team Isn’t it?  

Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy names are a terrific option if you’re looking for some incredible names for your football team to stand out in the league. The Ezekiel Elliott fantasy names listed below are therefore pure and new, and you must love them for your squad. Check them out Now: 

  1. Ez-E Duz it
  2.  Easy Ezekiel 
  3.   A Zeke Outlook
  4.  Zeke of Nature
  5.  Running back Zeke
  6.  Let’s Get Physzekiel
  7. ElliBot-1000
  8. Zeke-A Virus
  9.  Zeke and You shall find the End zone.
  10.  Elliott Supremacy 
  11.  Eating Elliott 
  12. Zeke Light
  13. Elliotters
  14.  The Book of Ezekiel
  15.  Zekey Stardust
  16. Hide & Zeke
  17. Seek Zeke
  18. What you Zeke is seeking you.
  19.  Zeke Virus
  20.  EE Runnings
  21.  Zeke’s Boys 
  22.  Elliott and the Boys
  23.  Dawson’s Zeke
  24.  Zeke’s Peak
  25. Cool Kiel
  26. Elite Elliott
  27. You Elliotta be in Pictures
  28. EZ does it
  29.  Zeke Destroy
  30.  Easy Eze

Some more Funny Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Names are:

  1.  Zeke-A- Leak
  2.  Elliott The Dragon
  3. Even Kiel
  4.  Kiel Cowboy 
  5.  A to Zeke
  6.  Peak Zeke
  7. Elliott Chariot
  8.  Peaky Zeaky
  9.  Kiel Feels
  10.  Peaky Elliott
  11.  The Zeke Show
  12. Sprung a Zeke
  13.  Kiel Hell
  14. Heat Zeke’ing Missiles
  15.  Zekey Deaky
  16. EZ Cowboy
  17.  Zike Chic
  18. Cool Cowboy
  19.  Kielling it
  20.  Zeke Squad
  21. Zeke Kicks
  22.  Zeke End Zone

Do check these Trendy classic Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Names.

  1.  Get your Zeke on
  2.  Zekey Dekey, Baby
  3.  Baby Zeke
  4.  Zeke Out
  5.  Killer Elliott
  6. The Zeke shall inherit the Earth
  7. Zeker sneaker
  8.  Kiel Haul
  9.  Keeping up with Kiel
  10. From A to Zeke
  11.  Kiel File
  12. Zekes and Geeks
  13. Let your Zeke flag fly
  14.  Rookie Kiel
  15. Zeke Revenge Show
  16.  Zeaky Blinders
  17. Dawson’s Zeke
  18.  Zeke’ing Ballers
  19. Raiders of the Lost Yards
  20.  Zekey Blinders
  21. Ezekiel Bread
  22.  America’s Fantasy Team
  23.  A Real Zeke Show
  24.  Can you Diggs it?
  25.  A Zeke Prospect
  26. Sports between the Sheets
  27.  E.Z Rookie
  28.  Kiel’s Lotion

Some Original ideas for your Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy Names are:

  1.  Dallas Supremacy 
  2.  Zekeazoid
  3. Dallas Showdown
  4. Kiel Energy
  5. Zekers Creepers
  6. Zeke Havoc
  7. Zeke Hurricane
  8. Eyes on Zeke
  9. Powerhouse lads 
  10. Fresh Pair of Zekers
  11. Zeke Cake
  12. Zekeonimics
  13. Zeke Titans
  14. Zekequil
  15. Ezekiel Winnin’
  16. Deal Ezekiel
  17. Seal Ezekiel
  18. Appeal Ezekiel
  19. Kiel Meal
  20. Real Ezekiel
  21. Lord Elliot Powerhouse 

If you want suggestions for any Dallas Cowboys inspired Fantasy names, we can help you with that too !!

Some of the Dallas Cowboys inspired fantasy names are: 

  • Cowboys and Robbers
  • Dakstreet Boys
  • Dak’s Amore
  • The Boys
  • Cowboys in the Hood
  • Cowboys don’t cry
  • The Boys are Prime
  • Back Dallas Up
  • N’Zeke
  • CeeDee Drive
  • Romocop
  • The Jukin’Jakes
  • Dakording to Jim
  • Kiel Over
  • The Devil and Jerry Jones
  • Jerry’s World
  • Dak Dynasty 
  • Prescott Your Luck
  • Full-Court Prescott
  • The Dak side of the Moon
  • Dak in a Box
  • CDC Lambs
  • La La Lamb
  • Now You Cee Dee, Now You Don’t
  • Full Gallup
  • AB CeeDee


Hope you got what you were looking for in the above list.It’s a huge decision to choose a team name, whether you want to be sarcastic, make your friends laugh, or support your favourite player. This List is a compilation of trendy, Funny and catchy Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy names. You might find some of them funny, and some to be common and obvious. Some of them can be relatable and some can be filthy. Some can be pun intended! The top fantasy football players utilize humorous Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy names that will make your friends and league participants laugh while you routinely dominate them in fantasy football.

So start making your teams, add on players, set their positions and practice your strategies but don’t forget to give them your favourite, catchy and cool Ezekiel Elliott Fantasy names from the above-mentioned list of Ezekiel Elliott fantasy football names, and amaze your friends and family with creativity and style. Have a  great season ahead. Yikes.

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