10 Best ESPN Fantasy Football Strategies to Win this season

10 Best ESPN Fantasy Football Strategies to Win this season

Every year, millions of people take part in fantasy football. You are definitely one of those people, and you’ve come to the right place if you want to improve in your league contests. We’ll go over the fundamentals as well as some subtle and frequently overlooked basic and advanced strategy concepts.

Afterall, the only person who remembers second place is the one who got second place. You may say that winning isn’t everything, but in ESPN fantasy football or as others like to call it ESPN FF, it is. 

Some Auto Draft Tips : 

1. Draft the position you want in the rounds you want them

Are you passionate about a Robust RB strategy? Or does the Zero RB approach intrigue you? Maybe you’re all about scooping Josh Allen early. Or, perhaps, you’re comfortable waiting on the QB position.

In any case, using the auto draft feature allows you to set it and forget it while carrying out your preferred game plan. Simply, adjust each round — specifying RB, WR, TE or FLEX — to reflect which position you want to prioritize when. The tool will take over and select the best available option when and where you’ve specified.

2. Limit the number of players in specific positions

You do not need two defenses. Or maybe two kickers. Alternatively, two TEs could be used. Load up on FLEX while setting positional limits to super-stock your bench with depth picks.

3. Auto-fade out players you’re not interested in.

If you have no interest in a player, simply leave him off your team, regardless of his worth. To do so, go to the My Team tab, then click on Edit Draft Strategy.

Once you see the Pre-Draft Rankings tab just adjust the rankings by dragging and dropping and exclude any player(s) you don’t want by clicking on the box next to their name.This feature can also be used to prioritize your passion picks and increase their chances of joining your crew.

Practice Mock Draft

Launch a fantasy draft board when you have some free time. Different fantasy platforms will have different player rankings in their draughts, so familiarize yourself with the list on your platform. ESPN has a fantastic mock drafting lobby where you can enter a live mock draft based on your league type.

Prepare Cheat Sheet

The draft is exciting, fast-paced, and has high-stakes. When the player you want is swiped up right before your turn, it’s easy to run out of options. Or looking for some of the deep-dive guys. So before the draft begins, write down all of the names of players you are considering for your team.

Keep Your Knowledge to Yourself 

This is common for everyone to keep their special tricks or abilities towards themselves only. This not only increases your chances of winning but also makes you a little different compared to others. 

Install the ESPN FF (ESPN Fantasy Football) App

The ESPN Fantasy App, the most popular fantasy sports app, makes playing ESPN FF simple, fun, and quick, while also providing fans with more information and insight than any other fantasy football game on mobile. 

The ESPN app allows you to manage your team completely from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. You can use the app to conduct research, mark players of interest, and even launch the live draft application.

Use the App Alert Feature : Set the ESPN app to notify you automatically when the status of any player on your team changes. With NFL games on Thursday, Sunday, Monday, and occasionally Saturday, If last-minute player statuses change, you won’t always have easy access to check and update your lineup. 

New scoring and league management tools have been added to game play on ESPN.com and the ESPN Fantasy App, with more new features and updates planned throughout the season.

But how can these features help you win? 

  • Users in private leagues can track their all-time performance, historical matchups, and trends against their league mates using the app’s improved, comprehensive League History.
  • Partial Season Play has been improved for leagues that draft after the start of the season.
  • Scoring by Position allows league administrators to determine how many points are assigned to specific scoring categories. For example, wide receivers and tight ends would receive one point per reception, while running backs would receive 0.5 points per reception.
  • Auto-Start Player Pickups ensures that when a user adds a new player to their roster, the new player is automatically placed in the starting lineup if that position was otherwise empty.
  • Draft Keepers by Round allows users in Keeper Leagues to choose which round their keeper picks will be chosen in during their draft. 
  • Make Tough Decisions and it never hurts to have a few pointers on how to make the difficult decision between this player and that player as the clock ticks down.
  • Strength of Schedule 

Consider the strength of the schedule, particularly during the fantasy playoff games. Take a more favorable outlook if one player has a favorable schedule and another has a difficult schedule. With all of their other responsibilities, I suspect that most players are crammers for the fantasy draught. That’s fine. You can still win your league easily.

Simply follow the strategies outlined above and arrive as prepared as possible. Making changes as the draught evolves can make a significant difference. Bring your “A” game and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities. Some college students think about a subject throughout the course of the entire class, beginning with day one. They complete their homework assignments every night and are ready for any test with a little upfront warning. Other students like to cram the night before. Either approach can be successful. 

Conclusion for Best ESPN FF strategies to win this season

Most leagues won’t reveal the drafting position of each team until hours before the draft takes place. The difference between having the first pick or the last pick greatly alters the players’ landscape, so have a flexible strategy. Don’t forget to think about the rest of the team.

A good quarterback with a good offence but a bad defence will most likely be put in situations where he must score more points than a good quarterback with a good offence but a good defence. This is one of the most important Fantasy Football Strategies that most players overlook.

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